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Simple-to-Use Fence & Tent Anchors

KERMCO-DEHAAI, INC., of Monroe, Iowa, offers quality fence and tent anchors that are easy to install and built to last. Our auger-type fence anchors are made with high-yield steel and painted with orange enamel. We have manufactured and distributed these anchors throughout the US since 1956. If you are interested in becoming an Earth Anchor distributor or for your nearest distributor please contact us.

Anchors - Tent Anchors

Easy Installation

The point is keenly sharpened for easy installation. Simply use a pipe or bar inserted into the eye to turn the Monroe Earth Anchor into the ground. Guy-rope, wire, or cable can be used to hold the object in place. If you wish to move your Monroe Earth Anchor, simply turn it out of the ground. Our anchors are ideal for:

• Fences
• Trees
• Tents
• Swings
• Boats
• Light Airplanes
• Gate Posts
• Grain Bins & Arbors

• Pet Chains

Sizes & Specifications

• #S3--18" Long, 1/2" Shaft, 3 1/8" Auger
• #3--27"Long, 1/2" Shaft, 3 1/8" Auger
• #3.5--32" Long, 1/2" Shaft, 3 5/8" Auger
• #4--37" Long, 9/16" Shaft, 4" Auger

• #6--45" Long, 11/16" Shaft, 6" Auger

Contact us at (844) 863-5475 in Monroe, Iowa, for more information or for your nearest local distributor.