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Easy-to-Install Fence Tighteners

Ensure that your fence work is always tight with the Reel-Tite from KERMCO-DEHAAI, INC., of Monroe, Iowa. Our patented design saves you 75% to 90% on your fence maintenance labor. You can use them on any kind of wire--new, old, rusty, high tensile--without un-stapling, re-stretching, or breaking.

Each Reel-Tite is a 13-gauge steel disc with a plated, weather-resistant finish. The disc measures 4" X 2 3/4". All Reel-Tites can be adjusted any time with our convenient handle.


A fence should never be tight in one area and loose somewhere else. This is the equalization principle--let it work for you. Place one Reel-Tite on each wire in the middle of a 40-rod span of fence. Tighten up the Reel-Tite turning the handle clockwise until the wire reaches the desired tension. An out-turned flange holds the Reel-Tite securely in place. Remove the handle and check the span of fence--the slack will have equalized to the Reel-Tite.

Retighten the Reel-Tite with the handle. The tension can be maintained on this span of fence for the life of the wire! With a little practice, it will take you one minute to tighten four wires and only 30 seconds to retighten them.

Fence Repair

The Reel-Tite can even repair broken wires! Simply splice in a piece of wire at the break, attach a Reel-Tite two to three feet down the fence, and wind up the slack.

Reel-Tite Front - Fence Tighteners
Reel-Tite Back - Fence Tighteners

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